[OpenTRV-interest] getting hands on some valves

Stuart Poulton stuart at poulton.org.uk
Mon Nov 28 09:38:43 GMT 2016

Great to see lots of responses. On the basis of the info in this thread
here's what we know so far.

- This thread came about following the cancellation of Crowdfunding the
launch of RADBOT
- Most people are looking for 8-10 valves
- There are currently no details around the control of the boiler
- No details regarding what interface will be to for example a RaspberryPi
(I suspect serial<->RF unit.
- No details on pricing
- No details on how to formally request hardware

Thanks to Damon and Mark for contributing from a 'commercial' perspective.
Hopefully we'll all be able to move forward and get a working solution
along with an active development community.


On Mon, Nov 28, 2016 at 8:31 AM, Dave Shaw <dave.shaw.kford at gmail.com>

> Same situation here. Already got my motion sensors in each room and a
> predictive algorithm sorted just need the TRVs to take it to the next step.
> I would need 10 for a full house solution. Willing to contribute knowledge
> and cash if necessary!
> On 28 Nov 2016 07:51, "Kairos" <kairosmedia at swissmail.org> wrote:
>> At 20:20 27/11/2016, you wrote:
>> >Jason Pearce <jason at pearce.org.uk> wrote: > I would need 7 (unless you
>> no longer need a central thermostat with this solution, in which I would
>> need 8) You want 8 then. The basic idea is that a single thermostat is
>> actually very poor at controlling the system.
>> I have been following this project for some time and I would like to get
>> hold of one unit for testing. In particular I want to find out:
>> -- How resilient the TRV is to wifi congestion/outage?
>> -- How reliable are the mechanical components.
>> -- How easy to integrate into a custom control system (say one based on
>> an RPi).
>> -- What exactly "open" in "OpenTRV" means..
>> I'll be happy to pay for one, and will naturally submit any findings to
>> whomever for their development work..
>> It isn't clear to me whether simply sending this email constitutes a
>> resuest for a unit, or if there is a more formal request system...
>> ??
>> Nick
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