[OpenTRV-interest] getting hands on some valves

Jason Pearce jason at pearce.org.uk
Mon Nov 28 11:52:47 GMT 2016


> 1) How would people like to pay?  Bank transfer /  Credit/debit card / cheques?  (Each have pros and cons in terms of speed of setting stuff up.)

bank transfer/debit card/paypal

> 2) Are people happy to pre-order for delivery the other side of Christmas?

Depends on how far after Christmas - wouldn't want to be waiting until
February 2018 ... :)

> 3) Are people happy to (say) get kit at a discount where one feature is not functioning, eg radio TX, or boost button, etc?  We have a great variety of battle-tested stuff and not everyone needs every bit working, and frankly otherwise I may feel compelled to hoard!  %^P

Depends on the missing feature. Happy to flash firmware, etc and maybe
add features via simple soldering, but can't do smd type soldering


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