[OpenTRV-dev] V0.2-Arduino: getting started

Mon Apr 1 17:24:37 BST 2013

> Not sure I understand the reasoning behind this. why NOT develop around
> the AVR (Arduino) platform.
> It instantly opens up a larger hobbyist audience. Again personal choice,
> but I'll be going down the arduino IDE route.
> Stu

I guess we need to be careful that the licensing of any code we take from
Arduino-land (including their boot loader and libraries) is compatible
with our aims. I think the boot loader is GPLv2. Not sure if that is true
for any library code we might include.

I think following a route that doesn't preclude a build that's free from
Arduino dependencies would be prudent. Making an Arduino build available
too will probably encourage experimentation, as you say, so both are
probably valid directions.


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