[OpenTRV-dev] V0.2-Arduino: getting started

Mon Apr 1 17:47:13 BST 2013

On 01/04/13 17:37, Damon Hart-Davis wrote:
> On 1 Apr 2013, at 17:30, Stuart Poulton wrote:
>> Whilst in an ideal world we are aiming at an 'off the shelf' product we're some way off that.
> I think so, yes, but keeping such a design strand in mind and avoiding doing anything that prejudices off-the-shelf implementations is useful.
So why not just design something that is commercially viable to begin 
with?  Going for AVR doesn't preclude that and it can still run the 
Arduino bootloader as an option (possibly with the requirement that the 
board is populated with a device with more flash).

Personally (given that I was working on this before OpenTRV came along) 
my own aim is for lowest cost anyway.


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