[OpenTRV-dev] V0.2-Arduino: getting started

Tue Apr 2 14:19:09 BST 2013

> Playing devil's advocate, though, rich functionality in the RF module can
> be an Achilles’ heel if security of supply is an issue, leaving us with a
> lot of work to do if it goes EOL at an awkward time. I guess that prompts
> one to wonder if implementing key features like encryption and 100% of the
> protocol inside the CPU and using a dumb RF module might be a better
> strategy? More expensive in code size and, probably, power consumption,
> but with the ability to substitute a different RF module easily?

Not that all solutions necessarily need crypto, but the PICAXE is certainly unlikely to be able to accommodate anything significant (~1000 lines of BASIC max) in software.

But I agree with your general point.

Whatever is in the units is ideally replicatable outside the unit in software so that we can maintain interoperation between different RF modules.



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