[OpenTRV-dev] squashfs

Wed Apr 10 09:35:08 BST 2013

The IMG file from OpenCMS will be a disk image, not a file system. It will
contain a partition table, probably a FAT partition for the Pi to boot
from and one or more Linux partitions mounted at run time, all rolled into
a single file. I'm not familiar with BerryBoot, but this is clearly not
what it is expecting. I don't see a way to directly convert what you have
to squashfs since squashfs is a file system, and what you have in your IMG
file is a collection of file systems on a disk image.

I'm also inclined to ask what's wrong with the OpenCMS disk image. It
should do what you want out of the box so why not focus on why that
doesn't boot?


> hi
> a minor side Q
. is ist possible to convert a rasberry pi sd card image to
> squashfs format?
> why i ask is that while i can download and extract the image for open
> energy's cms system i can't get it to boot
> so i tried to use berry boot and most of the way it going smooth

> 1 i boot with berry boot from a 2 gb sd card
 on a sub stick i have the
> img file from open energy
> 2. when berry ask where to install i swap the sd card for a 4 gb class 10

> it formats the card

> 3. when i'm asked what os to install i click cancel and get an option to
> click on add os
 i just hold down the mouse buttom a bit to get an option
> to load from usb stick
> 4. i select the img file but i am told its not in squashfs format
> is there a way to convert?
> i have a mac pc and windows 7
 no linux sorry

> /bo
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