[OpenTRV-dev] squashfs

Wed Apr 10 13:03:16 BST 2013

i would too… but i tried to loan a winpc with card reader built in as to write the sd card… it did without any trouble….

and in the pi it would simply not boot…. then i tried the berry boot way…. since i have no means of formatting it. and would have to go get a card reader.. thou it might be the only way

Den 10/04/2013 kl. 10.35 skrev Kevin Wood:

> The IMG file from OpenCMS will be a disk image, not a file system. It will
> contain a partition table, probably a FAT partition for the Pi to boot
> from and one or more Linux partitions mounted at run time, all rolled into
> a single file. I'm not familiar with BerryBoot, but this is clearly not
> what it is expecting. I don't see a way to directly convert what you have
> to squashfs since squashfs is a file system, and what you have in your IMG
> file is a collection of file systems on a disk image.
> I'm also inclined to ask what's wrong with the OpenCMS disk image. It
> should do what you want out of the box so why not focus on why that
> doesn't boot?
> Kevin
>> hi
>> a minor side Q…. is ist possible to convert a rasberry pi sd card image to
>> squashfs format?
>> why i ask is that while i can download and extract the image for open
>> energy's cms system i can't get it to boot….
>> so i tried to use berry boot and most of the way it going smooth…
>> 1 i boot with berry boot from a 2 gb sd card… on a sub stick i have the
>> img file from open energy
>> 2. when berry ask where to install i swap the sd card for a 4 gb class 10…
>> it formats the card…
>> 3. when i'm asked what os to install i click cancel and get an option to
>> click on add os… i just hold down the mouse buttom a bit to get an option
>> to load from usb stick
>> 4. i select the img file but i am told its not in squashfs format….
>> is there a way to convert?
>> i have a mac pc and windows 7… no linux sorry…
>> /bo
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