[OpenTRV-dev] MQTT sample code

Sun Mar 17 19:51:09 GMT 2013

I'd say SVN is the place, but if you don't want to put it into the trunk why not just create a feature branch (eg MQTT_PoC)?

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>Subject: [OpenTRV-dev] MQTT sample code
>Hi all,
>I currently have on my desk a laptop, a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino (+
>Ethernet shield) all happily sending each other "hello world" strings
>via MQTT, with the broker running on the Pi. As a result I now have
>sample code in Java, python and Arduino sketches.
>Where should I put the sample code so that everybody can benefit? I'm
>not sure it's a good idea to commit it to SVN as it's really only meant
>as proof of concept.
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