[OpenTRV-dev] V0.09 power consumption

Mon Mar 18 20:04:46 GMT 2013

Yes indeed.

I've tried to keep power consumption in mind while not getting too paranoid for this first revision which is all running for probably less than the standby current of my USB power supplies anyway (too low to measure consumption easily much upstream of the PICAXE).

It will be interesting to have the ATmega/PICAXE versions side by side and do a "how low can you go" comparison between the families on future revisions!

(Probably another 70uA is being wasted right now in the regulator that won't even be there for the battery version!)



On 18 Mar 2013, at 19:46, Mike Stirling wrote:

> Thank you for reminding me to check the sleep performance before re-spinning my sensors.  1.5 uA with the 32.768 kHz crystal oscillator running.  Rather than just being a gloat, this of interest because these boards are quite similar to what an AVR version of the OpenTRV board would need to be.
> Mike
> On 18/03/13 17:26, Damon Hart-Davis wrote:
>> Yes, a careful 3-line change (+ #ifdefs!) just knocked ~25% off consumption.  So lots of scope for improvement.
>> Rgds
>> Damon
>> On 18 Mar 2013, at 14:01, Damon Hart-Davis wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Just as a point of reference, the current V0.09 design (on breadboard, some extra instrumentation and pins floating, etc) is drawing a little under 600uA at 3.6V--5V (unregulated), so about 5x the target energy budget to run for 1 year off 2x AA 2000mA NiMH hybrid cells.  Lots and lots of things would improve that; primarily a hardware SPI implementation I think.  That budget would have to include the local motor for an all-in-one implementation too.
>>> I don't see it as being especially hard to reach the target consumption with a PICAXE design slightly evolved from V0.09, and I have no reason to be worried about an ATmega/Arduino solution either at this stage, assuming that it uses the same peripherals as for the putative updated PICAXE design.
>>> Rgds
>>> Damon
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