[OpenTRV-dev] The news !

Thu Mar 21 07:58:33 GMT 2013

    I sent Mike my MAX pictures last night, so they should be up alongside his other TRV photos shortly, and the TRV mechanics do look very similar. I'll add some commentary on the Wiki when I have time.

    The interesting thing from an electronics perspective is that the processor on both the TRV and the thermostat modules is the SilLabs F930 (http://www.silabs.com/products/mcu/lowpower/Pages/C8051F92x-93x.aspx), which is designed for either 0.9-1.8V (single battery) or 1.8V-3.6V (double battery) operation and claims to have "the industry’s lowest active mode current consumption, ... lowest 
current consumption in sleep modes, ... [and] the industry’s 
fastest wake-up and analog settling time". They're cheating a bit on the voltages, because it has an integrated boost regulator, but I think it might be worth investigating. The development tools section has examples for AES, a semi-software RTC and scanning a touch panel, but I've no idea what the IDE\cross-compilers are like. Does anyone have any experience with these units?

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>As promised, some pictures of my dismantled TRV.
>The drive mechanism, is self contained, and has 2 wires direclty to the motor, and 3 wires connected to a small PCB, thic contains the optoreflector that is used to determine when the end of travel has been reached.
>This drive mechanism does indeed seem to be similar to  several others (as you might expect). We've already seen at least one other example of the same mechanism in a different housing, I also understand that the max! unit is a similar derivative.
>It shouldn't be too hard to get an atmega driving the mechanics. From there choose your desired RF platform.
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