[OpenTRV-dev] The news !

Thu Mar 21 23:58:29 GMT 2013

On 21/03/13 08:20, Stuart Poulton wrote:
> On 21/03/13 08:04, Philip Canavan wrote:
>>      I must say I'm astonished that they're all using such huge
>> gearing systems; it certainly explains why they're all the size of a
>> shoe-box! I'm curious if this is down to cost, stupidity or some
>> technical issue with the linear actuators. It seems you could get the
>> electronics, 2 or even 4 AAA batteries ( in the corners) and a linear
>> actuator in far less space.
> What do you mean by linear actuator ?

Things like this I suppose:
or http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/electric-linear-actuators/3831273/

Compact and simple, would be great but the prices are ludicrous and very
few models are low voltage. For example, if you look on RS, only three
of them are 5V or 5.6V, all others are 12V+. That's why I think the most
difficult part of the valve module will be the mechanics.


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