[OpenTRV-dev] The news !

Fri Mar 22 09:11:51 GMT 2013

> Things like this I suppose:
> http://www.oriental-motor.co.uk/Products/Linear_rotary_actuators/Linear_actuators/
> or http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/electric-linear-actuators/3831273/
> Compact and simple, would be great but the prices are ludicrous and very
> few models are low voltage. For example, if you look on RS, only three
> of them are 5V or 5.6V, all others are 12V+. That's why I think the most
> difficult part of the valve module will be the mechanics.

Ok, looks interesting. A couple of issues.

1 - Drive electronics from a battery may be difficult
2 - No way to sense if the motor is stalled (ie reached the end of valve travel)
3 - Price, that would by 2 of my 'dumb' units.


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