[OpenTRV-dev] Feedback Mechanisms.

Fri Mar 22 21:10:48 GMT 2013

Damon wrote:

> MacKay's contention that a "I'm too cold" button and no temperature
display might be better

Yes, I can certainly see the advantages of that.  Perhaps the system could
default to "I'm too cold" mode but would allow the user to select an option
to explicitly declare temperature targets. I'd personally like to be able
to set actual numeric temperature targets; and I suspect I'm not the only
energy geek who might like to explicitly set temperature targets
(especially on behalf of my 18-month old daughter who wouldn't be able to
use the "I'm too cold" button!).  (And, of course, during development it'll
be very useful to see what the TRV is up to).

> What I don't want in any unit that I use... is a UI so complex that it
remains untouched

Certainly agree.  I had in mind quite a simple UI.  Just a "twistable"
thing on top of the TRV for increasing / decreasing temps (or just an "up"
and a "down" button).  And two buttons: "advance" and "boost" (which are
concepts most users will be familiar with from central heating controls)
(although, of course, a huge proportion of people never even bother to
touch their CH controls).  No need even for a menu button.  All config and
scheduling could be done from a laptop / phone (which makes life easier for
both developers and users).

Stuart wrote:

> talking to one of our friends, turns out their 4 year old can now turn
the lounge gas
> fire on using the remote control, defeating the 'child lock' in the

Only one solution: we need to authenticate users using face recognition on
the TRV.  Processing power and cameras are cheap.  </tongue_in_cheek>

Have a good weekend,
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