[OpenTRV-dev] Feedback Mechanisms.

Mon Mar 25 07:09:07 GMT 2013

A few quick thoughts:

- On the topic of "central control":  For my own home, I'd love central
control of every TRV parameter (so I can modify schedules and target temps
from my Android phone / my wife's iPad / the web / our HTPC).  Also, there
are homes where it might be possible for the system to automatically learn
the room occupancy schedule (hence the user wouldn't have to bother
explicitly stating a room-by-room heating schedule in order to get a
comfortable, efficient home); but this can only be done if central control
of the TRVs is available.  But I completely accept that some folks don't
want that.

- I'd like to second Mike's statement that "*Anywhere there is more than
one possible UI they MUST be in sync at all times.  There is no technical
reason why this can't happen.*"

- On the topic of "smart" TRVs and overshoot.  A little bit of overshoot
doesn't bother me as much as simply failing to reach the target temperature
by the specified time because the initial, "cold" temperature was too low.
My ideal TRV would "learn" how long the room takes to heat up and would
modify the time it opens the valve to compensate for the starting
temperature.  e.g. on the TRV just keep a rolling average for "minutes per
degree C" for the past, say, 10 days.
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