[OpenTRV-dev] Feedback Mechanisms.

Mon Mar 25 23:09:27 GMT 2013

>>> "IP Bridge" (optional)
>>> For those folks who want such a thing, there could be a separate device
>>> which connects the heating RF network to an IP network, hence enabling
>>> control over the web / mobile phone / tablet etc etc etc.
>> Ideally this bridge would be the same thing as the central control
>> unit we have been talking about. There are many reasons for wanting a
>> central control unit to be accessible via the LAN. I guess the problem
>> is that there is not always an Ethernet port and/or good Wi-Fi
>> reception and a power outlet at the location where the homeowner would
>> most like to have the control panel.
> I think that there will be occasions where a central controller is required, but no Internet bridge, eg I may not want any remote control, or I might want to hook into my HA system but no further or the HA system may do the bridging.

I think the key point here is Ethernet. That doesn't imply internet access.

Part of the key to getting HA to work is small discrete systems, eg 

Heating - Heating Controller
Security - Alarm Controller

Ethernet become the obvious interconnect hardware layer.


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