[OpenTRV-dev] Site

Sun Oct 13 13:00:53 BST 2013

some of the new guys talked about a site spec for trv and DD1....

i was thinking on it....

should it be a kind of blog site? a bit like wordpress etc?

and while at that thought why not create a google calendar for TRV/DD1 so we 
can show people whats going on and at the same time have one common calendar 
for all of us so we better can plan when to do bug fixing etc?

what i had in mind is that one common calendar... and then for starters i 
will add my own calendar on top of that one with view only rights... which 
mean that you can  see what i do and when, of course i can mark stuff in my 
calendar as private and in those cases you will only see i'm not availble...

that would at least in my view allow us to plan when to hunt a bug... or you 
could add a task to me and i will only have to approve.... and i guess we 
some clever way can tweak in the time table...

let me know what you think


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