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Sun Oct 13 13:15:23 BST 2013

what my head thought:

with thingiverse we can have one "thing" and like the arduino box there are 
parameters... most important one will be what board to put in

another can be whatever to have battery or not

if user wants space for SSR

options are endless

when user are done selecting they say create and they get a spec. STL for 
what they want

far more eaasy than us have to host every combo tinkable, with the risk that 
someone wants a combo that we have not thought of


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From: Damon Hart-Davis
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Thingiverse from the point of view of OpenTRV: I think that it may be useful 
to push copies of our more useful STL (or whatever) up there with links back 
to our primary repositories / Web site.  That would help people find our 3D 
stuff (since that's where they'll go to look for 3D printables) and then 
find the rest of our project(s) if also useful to them.




On 13 Oct 2013, at 12:55, Bo Herrmannsen wrote:

> Np in the copy
> I dont know if its a benefit to use thingiverse but in my eyes the 
> advantage is that there is an platform that everyone can access, select 
> options etc... and get an stl file they either can print directly or 
> import in stuff like makerware
> my goal with the arduino box generator is to be able to have all arduino 
> types there, and in future select what shield you have on top and then 
> print a case that holds it all... kind of in between task when no other 
> tasks are pressing on...
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> To: Bo Herrmannsen ; Closed list for developer discussions
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> Subject: Re: box..
> On 13 Oct 2013, at 00:57, Bo Herrmannsen wrote:
>> the box i hacked together from another thing on thingiverse can be found 
>> here:
>> http://www.thingiverse.com/apps/customizer/run?thing_id=164778&code=26205aa7d2a70d00d0700dcdee3b5c56
>> the parameters can be hidden, ie if say i want the case to be a set 
>> thickness i can just hide the setting and it will use the default value
>> maybe this can be used for our case also? you dont have to be registered 
>> to to download the scad file... but you need to if you want to tweak and 
>> save it as a “thing”
>> maybe it could be used for those users who have a 3d printer and want to 
>> print themselfes and not us?
>> /bo
> Hi Bo,
> (I have copied this to the list.)
> Very good point there at the end: we should keep our case designs usable 
> by ordinary hackers/makers as much as our code and schematics and PCBs, 
> which supports your general sentiment.
> Also, as a side point, and to get people started more easily, it means we 
> should carefully select and check in commonly-useful versions of the 
> (generated) STL as well as any up stream source for it in the same way 
> that we check in the Gerbers for the PCBs.  Though saving generated 
> intermediate files is generally considered poor form, for particular 
> common and useful intermediates that speed up bootstrapping a system (or 
> checking that generation of them is going to plane), I think we should do 
> it.
> Rgds
> Damon

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