[OpenTRV-dev] OT:

Thu Oct 17 12:19:48 BST 2013

As in subject this is very off topic in relation to OpenTRV

an now a bad word: STL

I have a Voronoi Vase.... got it off thingiverse and there was only a STL file

its beutyful enough, but i want to print it in 2 Colours (have a printer that can)

i managed to edit away the core, but i assume that i have to have an STL with the core alone....

Q: is it at all possible to remove the difference... ie take the org file and remove what’s in the file i got... ie the outside so the core stands back..

my plan is then to give each of the 2 bit a different colour and put them back together....

for a pic of the thing look here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:144270

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