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What might a good answer be to this email that I received (and have failed to otherwise deal with yet)?  B^>



> I am working on a project to control my boiler and radiator valves in my house.
> I came accross the following page http://www.earth.org.uk/open-source-programmable-thermostatic-radiator-valve.html
> while looking for TRV that could be remotely controlled.
> After reading the introduction of the page I tought I had found a project similar to mine but after reading through I must confess that I haven't any software or hardware (i.e., reference to hardware).
> I am looking for thermostat radiator valves that I could control remotely (i.e., set the desired temperature over 433mhz frquency or such) and that could (but that is not necessary) also broadcast the current temperature of the room. The idea here is centralise all that information on a central computer (over wireless link such as 433mhz).
> Do you know of any such TRV that you would recommend ?
> thanks

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