[OpenTRV-dev] Software for hardware rev. 2

Wed Aug 20 16:30:06 BST 2014

Hello all

I didn't get a chance to chat with Daemon at Wuthering Bytes so I'll ask
you all here:

Should I get a more recent version of software to go with my rev.2 hardware?

I've got the button all nicely mounted in it's box with a dc power supply
and boiler relay. I know the hardware is working because I logged into the
command line while the plumber was here and got it to engage the heating.

Since then the light flashes occasionally but seems to be unresponsive to
the big red button. I'm tempted to flash it with the latest software - from
github? or sourceforge?

Any suggestions or dragons to be slayed?

Gareth Coleman
layer zero labs
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