[OpenTRV-dev] SSR problem

Mon Feb 3 14:03:15 GMT 2014

oh boy...

at least that should be about the only task i have :-D


hmmm i think the only ways is to use relays.... but if i understand it right you practical just short 2 terminals at the boiler to make it fire up....

and if i'm right there is no load on this system... so contacts does not need to be rated for much... strange they use 230V for simple control purpose... but oh well

Den 03/02/2014 kl. 14.54 skrev Damon Hart-Davis:

> Hi,
> Just had a second hub installation fail in the same way as the previous; the SSR does not turn off even when the control voltage is removed, presumably because the mains ‘load’ it is presented with is too high impedance or in some other way funny.
> So I have on my desk 5 of the Ciseco relay units that Stuart located (thanks!) and I will test.
> Bo: that means though to power them on the REV2 board we probably should (re)add a +5V to the boiler control screw terminals (via a very generously think track and carefully not routed via anything else) to allow powering an external device as with these relay boards.  I will create a JIRA and add it to the TODO.  Ho hum.
> Rgds
> Damon

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