[OpenTRV-dev] Board checked in

Mon Feb 10 09:44:05 GMT 2014

>From ELV I recently ordered and received (within two days) a "FHT 80b
+ Ventilantrieb + FHT 80 TF-2, ARR-Bausätze" which is a kit consisting
of semi-assembled FS20 wireless thermostat, valve head and window
sensor "almost ready to run". Cost 55 EURO. I have started assembling it,
taking pictures as I go. Has anyone else already purchased one of
these ELV ARR sets? The instructions are well written, assembly is
easy and the kits are cheaper than the assembled sets: the assembled
FHT8V-3 [1] and the seemingly equivalent Conrad FS20 part [2] cost
40 EURO. The some-assemblly-required ELV ARR kit is only 25 EURO.


If OpenTRV is going to be making use of ELV RVs for a while then this
is a way to lower costs slightly.


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