[OpenTRV-dev] Boxes in layers

Sun Feb 23 18:01:51 GMT 2014

Hi all,

I did a few updates to the SCAD code for the boxes today. The primary
changes are rough fixes for the rev2 boxes that Damon was interested in.
However, the most interesting change is that you now have the ability to
print multiple copies of a single layer by changing some of the parameters
in user-settings.scad. I tried to document that file thoroughly to make it
obvious but here is the gist:

The "box_layout" parameter now accepts a new value: BOX_LAYOUT_1LAYER_PRINT

Three additional parameters have been added:
- layer_to_print: the index of the layer to print, starting at 0 for the
bottom one
- n_prints_x and n_prints_y: the number of copies in the X and Y dimensions

If the use_lilypads parameter is set to true, it will also add lilypads in
the right places.

See attached for an example of a 3x2 grid of the bottom layer of the rev2


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