[OpenTRV-dev] The Commercial offerings......

Thu Feb 27 18:46:41 GMT 2014

I'd be intrrested in how much of a step forward this really is, given the epic cost (£1000 for a full house, from the sounds of it). The valves look slightly better design-wise, but still look bulky, and internet-connected scares the heck out if me. The value is all in the algorithms, though, and if you can run it isolated with bidirectional comms and control to the zones via a public API, and it does non-binary boiler control, then I'd be very tempted (although maybe not for a thousand quid!).

Stuart Poulton <EMAIL ADDRESS HIDDEN> wrote:

I'm guessing Damon will have seen this, but for everyone else, this is what Honeywell are now offering



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