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Sat Jan 4 20:43:47 GMT 2014

On 4 January 2014 19:45, Damon Hart-Davis <EMAIL ADDRESS HIDDEN> wrote:

> Hi,
> On 4 Jan 2014, at 19:32, Bruno Girin <EMAIL ADDRESS HIDDEN> wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > Following half a day with some OpenTRV units at home courtesy of Damon,
> I have a couple of suggestions in terms of user interface:
> Thanks!
> > 1. I struggle to differentiate between 2 and 3 flashes when I press the
> mode button so lengthening the off time in the on-off-on-off-on 3 flash
> pattern would be good.
> I have currently lengthened them as far as I can without a major rewrite
> in that I have to deliver the whole sequence in << 0.5s to avoid busting a
> timing budget.  I used to have a combination of long and short flashes, but
> due to my miscommunicating that to Mark, his User Guide ended up with the
> simpler pattern that I then implemented.  We can have another think.

I like the pattern, it's just that the 2 and 3 flash patterns are difficult
to distinguish. If we can't lengthen the off states, can we shorten the on

> > 2. I've found myself wanting to know what status the unit was in by
> looking at it so a simple way to indicate what mode it's currently in would
> be great. For example, it could regularly flash the current mode with low
> intensity flashes (so as not to be disturbing for people). Of course, there
> may be better ways to do that in r2 with the newfangled controls.
> Basically the more it flashes (when you’re not pressing buttons) the more
> heat is involved: off means in FROST mode, one flash means in WARM mode but
> not actually calling for heat, two means in WARM mode and calling for heat,
> and three means in BAKE mode.
> Have a quick look at the User Guide and see if the diagram helps (and
> indeed matches what the unit is doing)!
> https://sourceforge.net/p/opentrv/code-0/HEAD/tree/trunk/docs/trials/Winter-2013-2014/installer-and-user-manuals/generated/

Ah right! I didn't realise it was doing that already. Ignore my suggestion

> Thanks again,
> Damon
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