[OpenTRV-dev] User interface

Sat Jan 4 21:11:43 GMT 2014

> > 1. I struggle to differentiate between 2 and 3 flashes when I press the mode button so lengthening the off time in the on-off-on-off-on 3 flash pattern would be good.
> I have currently lengthened them as far as I can without a major rewrite in that I have to deliver the whole sequence in << 0.5s to avoid busting a timing budget.  I used to have a combination of long and short flashes, but due to my miscommunicating that to Mark, his User Guide ended up with the simpler pattern that I then implemented.  We can have another think.
> I like the pattern, it's just that the 2 and 3 flash patterns are difficult to distinguish. If we can't lengthen the off states, can we shorten the on states?

The on time is currently 15ms (as short as I can efficiently do) and the off time 150ms, so there’s not a lot more to play with there.

I’ll have another think.



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