[OpenTRV-dev] My Export from Heating Company 1

Thu Mar 27 19:28:19 GMT 2014

As you all know i use district heating where the goal is to cool the incoming water as much i can sending back cold water for the plant across town to heat up. 

They want to get rid of their heat :-D

So my bill is 2 parts, energy and cubic meters of water. The energy part is the cheap one, while the cubic meter is more expensive. Why that?

Because if you have a high flow you are likely to send back the water more hot than needed.

First graph shows last year compared to the 2 years before, i cant remember when i installed OpenTRV at the hot water but if not mistaken it was in march... and you will see a drop, not much but everything counts. It can be better if the code is adjusted to there is a max % open setting and you give it more time to heat the water, rigtht now 2 hours is enough with sometimes 10 mins to spare. Also keep in mind that its running on the picaxe version still. 

Oh, it will be 3 graphs, first one is how much i cool the water, so the higher the better, dark blue is 2013... green 2012, light blue 2011

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