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Thu Mar 27 21:41:22 GMT 2014

i remember about 25% savings when i first installed the picaxe version on my hotwater cylinder, i messured 14 days with the old thermostat that keept the temp constant  24/7.... then 14 days with OpenTRV heating the water for 2 hours each day....

by the heatmeter it was 25% less energy consumed.... looks almost the same in this case o actually closer to 50%

i did not do the same compare with the rads... should have done so.... hmm... maybe a project for the weekend... need to adjust all the old thermostats for 20 degress so i compare apples to apples :-D

Den 27/03/2014 kl. 22.26 skrev Bruno Girin:

> To follow up on Bo's graphs, here is the one for my house. I installed OpenTRV on 4 radiators out of 10. I removed it 2 weeks later as my boiler didn't like it and re-installed it 3 weeks after that once Damon had fixed the firmware to be more tolerant of old boilers like mine.
> I think the graph speaks for itself. I should also be able to show actual savings once our intern has finished coding the project validation module.
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