[OpenTRV-dev] 2 way and monitoring

Wed May 21 12:53:02 BST 2014

Hi all

So i got this thought that i wanted to get an EmonTX v2 from OEM and try and get it to read my heat meater.... 

I have an USB HDD case i can use to store data so i figured i could get me an pi and sd card as well

but what about our OpenTRV’s talking to OEM ? is that going forward... it does not have to go fast forward just wondering if my idea for hardware is a total waste?

The emontx that will watch the heat meter will also take readings for my cold water in from street... The heat meter can only be read out once every minute and should i use water i dont think it will matter much that i loose some heat meter readings... count of water is interrupt based 

well just some thoughts.... going out to get some new coolant for the car...

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