[OpenTRV-dev] I2CEXT connector first pass: comments please.

Wed Sep 3 21:05:32 BST 2014

Yes, sorry, I think I misunderstood EXT as leaving the building, rather than just going upstairs!


Damon Hart-Davis wrote:
> > On 3 Sep 2014, at 19:16, gareth <EMAIL ADDRESS HIDDEN> wrote:>>> From my experience i2c doesn't travel well - and grey beards have advised me that off board i2c wires are an excellent way to broadcast emc!>> > OK, thanks for that.
> I think that our I2C runs like treacle because of the low CPU clock speed (1MHz) that is in use,  but I could still suggest keeping I2C traces as short as possible for example, and stacking boards no more than a couple deep maybe.
> Rgds
> Damon

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