[OpenTRV-dev] Getting some OEM stuff

Fri Sep 5 20:12:52 BST 2014

Just so i dont shoot myself in the foot, but what freq should i choose when
getting OEM stuff?

I want to plan ahead so that the RFM12Pi module from OEM also can be used
to talk to OpenTRV units...

I have just figured how to read out my Heat Meter from the IR optical
interface which is a 2 way port that requires that you send data and then
get data back... so it was not as easy as you would expect...

now my next step is to get ready to log the data, for that i need a pi of
course and then the radio module and their emontx v3... with some clever
thinking that emontx should be able to monitor both water, electricity and
heat at the same time...

@Kevin: any progress on talking to OpenTRV units from OEM ?


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