[OpenTRV-dev] OpenTRV to EmonCMS, via Node-RED (was OpenTRV boards)

Damon Hart-Davis dhd at exnet.com
Thu Dec 17 18:12:47 GMT 2015


> On 17 Dec 2015, at 14:40, Jeremy Poulter <jeremy at bigjungle.net> wrote:
> I think I have deciphered all the JSON tags, can someone confirm this list is correct?
> @: Node ID
> T|C16: room temperature in 1/16 C
> B|mV: battery voltage in mV
> occ|%: occupancy percentage
> O: occupancy in 0-3
> v|%: valve position percentage
> vac|h: vacancy hours?
> L: ambient light 0-255?
> H|%: humidity percentage
> vC|%: cumulative valve movement percentage
> tT|C: nominal target temperature in C

Looks good.

We do add others, for example, “b” (value 0 or 1) for boiler on.

There is also B|cV for battery voltage in centivolts (to save a useless digit)!



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