[OpenTRV-dev] FAQ 11: is it safe to do without the CRC on secure frames?

Bo Herrmannsen bo.herrmannsen at gmail.com
Sat Dec 19 14:47:51 GMT 2015

my quick 0.02DKK

and not good with long documents so i assume a bit

but to be able to decode a frame would a good and sound packet not be
required? and hence CRC is a bit like shooting canary birds with cruise

and if the goal is a bad person cant tamper with the data and control the
system i would vote for security before crc

2015-12-19 15:29 GMT+01:00 Damon Hart-Davis <damon at opentrv.uk>:

> http://www.earth.org.uk/OpenTRV/stds/network/20151203-DRAFT-SecureBasicFrame.txt
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