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Thu Dec 31 10:20:51 GMT 2015

Hi Bo,

The MAC layer (LoRAWAN), which I think Jeremy is referring to, is a 
public spec, but the underlying modulation is not.  You can therefore 
currently only implement a LoRA system using one of Semtech's radios or 
a module based on their IP (e.g. Microchip). The modulation is some sort 
of chirp spread spectrum system so is non-trivial to reverse engineer, 
but efforts are ongoing in the community.  Once that happens it would be 
possible to implement the physical layer in a software radio if that's 
what you want.

Note that you can use a LoRA radio without the LoRAWAN MAC (as the HAB 
guys currently do).  In this case it just becomes a proprietary data 
pipe like the RFM22B or RFM12, but with longer range.


On 29/12/15 10:03, Jeremy Poulter wrote:
> From what I understand there is a component that is signed and you can 
> not change it but I believe the source will be available at some 
> point. This is the component that deals with the time slicing and 
> transmitting so you can not send more than you are supposed to.
> Jeremy
> On 28 December 2015 at 13:37, Bo Herrmannsen <bo.herrmannsen at gmail.com 
> <mailto:bo.herrmannsen at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Hi
>     on the topic of using LoRa i have been told that parts of it are
>     closed source in the way that you send data off by AT commands and
>     then "magic" happens
>     Have i been told wrong?
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