[OpenTRV-dev] Bo's DHW

Wed Mar 11 15:12:48 GMT 2015

i would say the code snapshot i work of was almost spot on...

mind you that i use district hot water with a plant on the other side
of town buring house hold waste and turning it in to electricity and
hot water

goal here is simply to extract as much energy as possible while
keeping the flow at a minimum... the plant want as cold water back
they can get

damon predicted 25% max open would be the sweat spot where flow
through the system is not to big and where i could still get 100
Liters heated in 2 hours each morning

that is enough for 2 showers and a run with the dish washer

turn out that he was off by only 5%... me started out with 15%... then
figured my conrad valve head was not 100% aligned to the valve in the
pipe... got that in order and saw a drop in flow... then upped it to
30% and its in the eye... higher flow and there will be to much pipe
noise... and since i live in a flat on 1st floor and the pipe enters
from street at flat below us the noise will go both up and down and
out to the other flats too... not so much as in our flat but still a
bit... that have lead to complaints that we wash laundry at 2am etc

can only say i'm very pleased... doing trial weekend where i start off
with a cylinder of just cold water and then see how it goes... but i
think it will work as well as picaxe

2015-03-11 16:04 GMT+01:00 Damon Hart-Davis <EMAIL ADDRESS HIDDEN>:
> Hi,
> Happily we finally seem to have managed to move Bo off PICAXE and onto AVR (REV1 board!) for his hot water, with the DS18B20 support c/o John Harvey for example.
> In the course of that I had to write a *very* stripped down and efficient OneWire support library that works with the CPU running at 1MHz.
> That I think is an early candidiate for turning into a stand-alone and separately-published Arduino library as part of the IoT Launchpad project early work, or just as general OpenTRV goodness.
> It might also benefit from some eyeballing both embedded in the existing code and then again as it is separated out.
> So, who's volunteering for a bit of QA (and telling me all the bad things about my code) next month?
> Rgds
> Damon
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