[OpenTRV-dev] RX improvements

Gary Gladman gary at gladman.name
Tue Sep 8 20:27:28 BST 2015


Trying out the "latest" code and failing miserably.

(I believe) I am using:
OpenTRV 20150817-16WW
OTRadioLink V0.8
OTProtocolCC V0.3

I reverted to Arduino 1.0.5 from 1.6.5 just in case that might cause a 

Code compiles, I have installed it, BUT I am seeing NO communication 
reported from leaf to boiler hub though I am seeing communication with 
the respective valves.

I have not reconfigured either the leaf or hub. I did expect at least 
some comms since they were working "perfectly" before this install.

I have tried compiling the boiler configuration in case I had 
misunderstood your expectation and that was the problem but it was too 
big to install.

Any suggestions at to what I might be doing wrong?

P.S. Been out of the country until recently and so only just been able 
to start looking at this. I have been looking at GCM AES whilst I was 
away. I believe I have managed to shrink it but not any where near the 
numbers you are suggesting. I would appreciate some guidance on what you 
are really looking for from this. I appreciate, looking at some of the 
other emails, I may have missed the boat on this.

P.S. not sure Deniz's boards.txt is materially different from the one I 
generated for 1.6.5 a couple of months back.

On 18/08/2015 09:55, Damon Hart-Davis wrote:
> Hi,
> The radio code has now been substantially re-written to cope better in busy RF environments such as the target EnergyDeck office target space; not finished, but better.
> In particular it has interrupt driven handling of RX events, with ISR-side filtering and queueing of inbound frames.
> This seems to have eliminated receiver overruns in my live environment, with about 8 transmitters.
> Maybe Gary G might feel brave enough to take a fork/copy of the relevant mainline code as of today and see if it has improved from his point of view?  B^>
> 201508170-16WW freeze of OpenTRV in GitHub (https://github.com/DamonHD/OpenTRV/releases/tag/20150817-16WW) with V0.8 of the OTRadioLink (and V0.3 of OTProtocolCC).
> Rgds
> Damon
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