[OpenTRV-dev] RX improvements

Damon Hart-Davis dhd at exnet.com
Wed Sep 9 10:19:39 BST 2015

> On 8 Sep 2015, at 20:27, Gary Gladman <gary at gladman.name> wrote:
> Code compiles, I have installed it, BUT I am seeing NO communication reported from leaf to boiler hub though I am seeing communication with the respective valves.

Be aware that due to code size constraints a boiler hub is not necessarily a stats hub (and we anticipate that these will be separate boxes usually in fact) for example,

Could you please share the V0p2_Generic_Config.h file settings you used to build each box, here or with me privately?

I do need to steer the code back to primarily heating use on the HEAD very soon, apart from anything else to keep Bruno happy since he is upgrading his installation right now!  Not to mention that we need to get code deployed to the valves that we are starting to crank the production handle for…



PS1. Deniz seems to have got a decent base code size for the AES code, which I’m hoping we can upload to the GitHub repo today and actually use on a bus stop very soon.

PS2. Yes, I think you and Deniz came up with v similar boards.txt which helpfully verified that I was simply being a scaredy-cat…  Thanks to both of you.

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