[OpenTRV-dev] Initial release of AVR-/microcontroller- friendly liberally-licensed AES-GCM implementation

Damon Hart-Davis dhd at exnet.com
Sat Sep 19 00:19:11 BST 2015


I have just made an initial release of the OTAESGCM AVR-/microcontroller- friendly liberally-licensed AES-GCM authentication and encryption implementation at about 8kB including tests!


Target is for a typical IoT leaf node to need about 4kB of code/Flash for this to allow good security over the wire where the comms bearer does not provide it.

Currently only targets AVR, for Arduino, but the aim is to provide multiple implementations in the fullness of time.

Please kick the tyres!  There’s LOTS to improve!

Big thanks to our new(ish) intern, Deniz, without whom this would not have happened.  Hurrah!



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