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Bo Herrmannsen bo.herrmannsen at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 15:10:18 BST 2016

but i cant wait until you can give a link or 2.... i will just let this
system run in read-write mode until i can figure it

2016-03-28 15:54 GMT+02:00 Jeremy Poulter <jeremy at bigjungle.net>:

> There are probably a few solutions to this probably the nicest would be to
> use UnionFS or similar to overlay a writable /tmp directory over /home/pi
> Alternatively (and maybe a bit less of a learning curve) move /home/pi to
> some other location (eg /home/pi.readonly). Mount a tmpfs on /home/pi and
> then copy the content of the /home/pi.readonly to /home/pi. Be warned
> however tmpfs uses DRAM as storage so may not be good for long term
> sessions.
> Yet another option that may help is to have a read/write partition monuted
> to /home/pi. Have a look at the guides by Open Energy Monitor on setting up
> the EmonBase. You could even delete the content on boot up and copy a clean
> version as with the previous example.
> Jeremy
> PS sorry for the lack of links doing this on a phone, bit Google is your
> friend 😉
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