[OpenTRV-dev] Puzzling long-term bugs

Damon Hart-Davis damon at opentrv.uk
Wed Sep 28 15:08:00 BST 2016


We have a Wiki page here for our general amusement:


We’ve certainly been having some puzzlement while putting together a small run of valves for a trial over the last few days.  Could be summarised as ‘dodgy serial’:

- Some REV7 and other V0p2 units seem to have problems with serial RX and TX, garbling some characters
    - Seems especially problematic for longer (16+?) blocks of characters such as setting a key
    - Have tried to ensure no sleeping or other fiddling with CPU clock during UART operation
    - Seems to apply to a few % of REV7, REV10 boards at least
    - It has been possible to load a large (30KB) app over serial with the bootloader.

Any ideas welcome!



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