[OpenTRV-dev] SDR

Kevin Wood kevin at the-wood-family.com
Wed Mar 22 13:01:33 GMT 2017

Hi Deniz,

Interesting. This is something I've idly spent a few hours playing with,
with a view to being able to debug devices using these radio modules. I'm
also using GRC at the moment.

What I would like to do eventually is co connect GnuRadio to my code so I
can test and debug it by replacing the bottom layer of the radio with
GnuRadio while running it on a PC.

Best Regards


> Hi All,
> I got an SDR the other day and I've been playing around with trying to
> decode our radio packets.
> So far I've managed to decode the slow (FS20) carrier and am working on
> the
> new GFSK one.
> I've thrown some rough notes up on the wiki.
> https://github.com/opentrv/OTWiki/wiki/Adventures-in-SDR
> Regards,
> Deniz
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