[OpenTRV-interest] Post conference thought on the REV7 User Interface

Sun Dec 7 21:19:54 GMT 2014

Since the conference I have been thinking about the REV7/DORM1 UI which I have layed out below.

Assume frost, warm, bake exist as a mechanics layer and are not necessarily exposed.
Assume OpenTRV has a user set preferred warmth setting.
Assume OpenTRV has a potentially user set temporary warmth setting.

Scenario: User adjusts warmth up; this is interpreted as a user set temporary (absolute) warmth target and is actioned
(for say two hours) when the target reverts to preferred warmth setting.

Scenario: User taps warmth (BRB?); this is interpreted as current warmth becomes a user set temporary warmth target 
and is similarly actioned and when the target reverts to preferred warmth setting.

Internally if target change is well above current temp then "bake" (or something like bake) activates eventually reverting to
temporary warmth target through eventually reverting to preferred warmth setting though all this may be implemented by 
simply adjusting target over time and adjusting behaviour depending on temperature gap.

Scenario: User adjust warmth down (including to the point of frost protection); similar behaviour to user adjusts warmth up 
scenario etc except target lowered.

Scenario: User holds warmth (BRB?); Preferred warmth target set and becoming current target.

Default warmth setting out of the box 18C? (unmarked) / frost?

UI Presentation:
Assume OpenTRV has a warming/temperature scale (potentially discontinuous, non-linear) that goes from a typical minimum of 
warm enough to prevent frost (frost) to a maximum of mildly hot. Diagramatically Frost is below the range, thus implicitly Frost
protection is just above inside the range. Digrammatically the scale goes from Mainly coolth/Some warmth] through increasing warmth 
less coolth to only warmth no coolth; coolth on top decreasing, warmth on bottom increasing, coolth blue, warmth red, distinction 

I also had an idea for branding openTRV: TRoVe  (TRV open environment - positive conotations of treasure trove, gold, savings, a store 
of wonderful delightful things).

Regards Gary
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