[OpenTRV-interest] Post conference thought on the REV7 User Interface

Sun Dec 7 21:36:12 GMT 2014

Thanks for that: I’ll digest it properly tomorrow.

As for branding…  I honestly don’t know if it’s a good idea to discuss them on a public forum because of bad people, etc.  But in any case it’s a nice idea!  There are some other troves around, but I think you may be in the right ballpark there.



> On 7 Dec 2014, at 21:19, EMAIL ADDRESS HIDDEN wrote:
> Since the conference I have been thinking about the REV7/DORM1 UI which I have layed out below.
> Assume frost, warm, bake exist as a mechanics layer and are not necessarily exposed.
> Assume OpenTRV has a user set preferred warmth setting.
> Assume OpenTRV has a potentially user set temporary warmth setting.
> Scenario: User adjusts warmth up; this is interpreted as a user set temporary (absolute) warmth target and is actioned
> (for say two hours) when the target reverts to preferred warmth setting.
> Scenario: User taps warmth (BRB?); this is interpreted as current warmth becomes a user set temporary warmth target 
> and is similarly actioned and when the target reverts to preferred warmth setting.
> Internally if target change is well above current temp then "bake" (or something like bake) activates eventually reverting to
> temporary warmth target through eventually reverting to preferred warmth setting though all this may be implemented by 
> simply adjusting target over time and adjusting behaviour depending on temperature gap.
> Scenario: User adjust warmth down (including to the point of frost protection); similar behaviour to user adjusts warmth up 
> scenario etc except target lowered.
> Scenario: User holds warmth (BRB?); Preferred warmth target set and becoming current target.
> Default warmth setting out of the box 18C? (unmarked) / frost?
> UI Presentation:
> Assume OpenTRV has a warming/temperature scale (potentially discontinuous, non-linear) that goes from a typical minimum of 
> warm enough to prevent frost (frost) to a maximum of mildly hot. Diagramatically Frost is below the range, thus implicitly Frost
> protection is just above inside the range. Digrammatically the scale goes from Mainly coolth/Some warmth] through increasing warmth 
> less coolth to only warmth no coolth; coolth on top decreasing, warmth on bottom increasing, coolth blue, warmth red, distinction 
> diffuse.
> I also had an idea for branding openTRV: TRoVe  (TRV open environment - positive conotations of treasure trove, gold, savings, a store 
> of wonderful delightful things).
> Regards Gary
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