[OpenTRV-interest] Power

Thu Mar 27 21:49:31 GMT 2014

Hi again,

You can power the OpenTRV unit from 5V USB to the microUSB connector (a cheap microUSB phone charger should be fine for example), or FTDI, or, if you take the jumpers out, a 2xAA cell battery (nominally about 2.5V—3V).

> as an aside on power, I am using USB power, it is 5v rather than the 3 specified in teh other mail but the usb connector was too tempting not to try.  is there a risk of burning the board?
> Do we need an FTDI cable for each device or will we just be needing one on teh controller?

The FTDI cable should only in normal use be needed for accessing the CLI briefly or loading updated code.  Other than that power from USB or batteries.

> Hope to see more chatter here (or should we use the sf forum?)

Yes, please keep chattering here for now!

Sorry, I’m 75% asleep.  MUST GO TO BED!



PS. Congrats on getting it up and running!

> OpenTRV booting: board V0.2 REV2; code 2014/Mar/23 20:34:55
> DEBUG mode with serial logging
> Reset count: 16
> Free RAM: 1433
> posPOST: 1: about to test RFM23
> posPOST: 2: RFM23 OK
> Vcc: 3298mV
> Int temp: 34C / 551
> posPOST: 3: internal sensors OK, next light/temp/other
> Gathering initial inputs and computing target/demand...
> light: 524
> temp: 390
> temp pot: 339
> posPOST: 4: light/temp OK
> posPOST: 5: slow RTC clock OK
> ? at CLI prompt for help
> =F0%@24C6;T0 8 W255 0 F255 0 W255 0 F255 0;S5 5 17 effO
> =F0%@24C6;T0 8 W255 0 F255 0 W255 0 F255 0;S5 5 17 effO

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