[OpenTRV-interest] Where to start?

Sat May 31 11:03:17 BST 2014

I don't know if your research led you to the Q-3 Max! products; your links
shows something that AFAICT is either a clone or badged version of the
Q3-Max! TRV. See:


I believe that Damon mentioned in his FOSDEM talk the Q-3 products
(although my memory may be faulty).


My recollection is that the Q-3 Max! protocol may have been mentioned.
That's probably the first thing you'd want to learn about. The
automatedhome article links to :


which might be a good place for you to discover more.


On 29 May 2014 12:49, Steven Daglish <EMAIL ADDRESS HIDDEN> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I’ve been reading about the OpenTRV project for a bit now and I’m
> interested in seeing where I can help.
> I’ve been wanting to do something similar myself for a while, so I’ve
> started developing my AVR programming skills. My background is in
> electronic engineering with more emphasis on control systems (I’ve done
> quite a bit of work no “cheap” hospital incubators, so have some experience
> in designing controls for heating systems).
> However, before potentially getting involved in this project, I’d like to
> get hold of a TRV myself and start doing some “tinkering” so I can get a
> greater understanding of how they work and how to start designing a
> centralised control system. Therefore, I’d be grateful if anyone could
> point me towards a cheap eTRV device (I’m based in the UK) that I could
> take apart without horrying too much about wasting money if I brake it. I
> found the following system which I’m looking at purchasing, but not sure if
> anyone has any experience with it:
> http://www2.westfalia.net/shops/around_the_home/heating_and_cooling/radiators_and_accessories/radiator_thermostats/637720-electronic_radiator_thermostat.htm?gclid=CjgKEAjwtZucBRD77aiiq_v4xnASJABkAg8JWBXgSX6S_EZiV_g24E7HcHxwxTQxhuIW349WnKTI-_D_BwE&art_nr=108555
> Really, the way I see it at the moment, I only really need a motorised TRV
> without any real controls, as I’ll be developing an AVR system to control
> the temperature, but I just can’t find one!
> Thanks in advance for any information.
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