[OpenTRV-interest] Where to start?

Thu May 29 12:49:11 BST 2014

Hi all,


I've been reading about the OpenTRV project for a bit now and I'm interested
in seeing where I can help.


I've been wanting to do something similar myself for a while, so I've
started developing my AVR programming skills. My background is in electronic
engineering with more emphasis on control systems (I've done quite a bit of
work no "cheap" hospital incubators, so have some experience in designing
controls for heating systems).


However, before potentially getting involved in this project, I'd like to
get hold of a TRV myself and start doing some "tinkering" so I can get a
greater understanding of how they work and how to start designing a
centralised control system. Therefore, I'd be grateful if anyone could point
me towards a cheap eTRV device (I'm based in the UK) that I could take apart
without horrying too much about wasting money if I brake it. I found the
following system which I'm looking at purchasing, but not sure if anyone has
any experience with it:
huIW349WnKTI-_D_BwE&art_nr=108555> &art_nr=108555


Really, the way I see it at the moment, I only really need a motorised TRV
without any real controls, as I'll be developing an AVR system to control
the temperature, but I just can't find one!


Thanks in advance for any information.





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