[OpenTRV-interest] git

Sun Oct 5 18:47:32 BST 2014

Hi Gary

We started with a small transfer over of an unimportant part of the
codebase and then stalled. I'd suggest that we should make a quick
decision: either stay with svn for the next few months, or go full on with
the git repo. Damon's done the vast majority, if not all, of the work on
the public codebase so far and he's not yet so familiar with git so it's
really a question of when he's got the time to learn how to work with git.
Either way I suspect that he'd like to have a good conversation or two over
the work that you've done.

Regards, Mark

On 5 October 2014 10:19, Gary Gladman <EMAIL ADDRESS HIDDEN> wrote:

>  Any news on the transfer to git?
> Gary
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