[OpenTRV-interest] My progress so far

Mon Oct 6 20:47:10 BST 2014

 Hi Damon,

Sounds simple on the face of it - I'm guessing you have a way of doing this in mind.

I will send the patches once I work out how to generate them, otherwise I will zip and send the code as it exists.



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Hi Gary,

Wow!  Thanks for all of that!

Can you construct and mail me patches so that I can think about stuff and merge 
non-controversial stuff in, eg that light-shift bug by the sound of it…



On 5 Oct 2014, at 14:49, Gary Gladman <EMAIL ADDRESS HIDDEN> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have had most of my stuff set up for some time. Radiator actuators built and 
fitted, relay built, 1 OpenTRV boxed, 1 OpenTRV in position, central heating 
adapted but not yet connected.
> I have been modifying the OpenTRV code base (as of commit 3253) to varying 
degrees of success and completeness ...
> Fixed a couple of bugs (dont ask I dont truly remember)
> Introduced a concept of date.
> Adjusted target temp to vary by "month" (ala nichol graphs)
> Begun to refactor and make the code marginally more object orientated and 
starting to encapsulate certain concepts e.g. light, temp, RTC
> Adjusted target temp so that for example 21 means 21C8 rather than the 
original 21CF.
> Tried to limit increases in code size and made space optimisations to 
> Begun to move target temp towards fractions of a degree rather than degrees to 
support fractional adjustments to target temp under certain special scenarios.
> My problem I suspect will soon become how to feed these back in the main line 
and/or remain aligned with the next round of updates e.g. SHT21 where the 
implementation doesn't seem to be going quite where I expected.
> Any comments?
> Regards Gary
> PS Remembered one of the bugs was that the core stats for light was miscaled  
i.e. >> 4 when it should have been >> 2.
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