[OpenTRV-interest] Light and Occuppancy (mainly)

Sun Oct 19 07:55:24 BST 2014


I have been studying the behaviour of light and occupancy recently.

I think I may have found a bug.

When the system is in frost mode everything appears to work fine i.e. light on => possibly occupied

However in warm mode light on is being ignored.

I think the problem is that in warm mode when the lights are off light is read far more frequently. In my house I use a lot of CFD's so I can visibly see the light brightening over time so the faster rate of read is causing the on transition to be ignored.

NB My code is slightly non-standard but the area in question should be standard.

PS I have also noticed that when powering up the system defaults to occuppied but this is not because of light which is only generating possibly occupied (as noted potentially mistakenly).

PS I think there is a spare cancelBake in UI_Minimal line 184 (it is already in setWarmMode()).

Rgds Gary
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