[OpenTRV-interest] Frequent non-communication periods between hub and its valve

Mon Apr 27 17:36:05 BST 2015

> On 25 Apr 2015, at 12:31, EMAIL ADDRESS HIDDEN wrote:
> I am fairly certain that on two occaisions I saw the active radio section of the hub OpenTRV TOTALLY stop working though OpenTRV continued TOTALLY unaware. There seemed to be a TOTAL lack of any actual form of transmission or reception which continued until the hub was hard power reset. I cannot explain how this happened but by inference lack of Tx and Rx occurred at the same time; ANY form of Rx observed from the leaf ceased (though the leaf still communicated with its own FHT8V) and at the same time similarly the hubs FHT8V ceased to receive transmissions. I do not know what it is possible for OpenTRV to do to monitor for this situation?


So I understand…

Are you saying that the OpenTRV units failed to transmit at all but still printed serial diagnostics claiming that it was TXing, and in every other way carried on as if normal?

Or something else?  Happy to have a chat in Hangout or similar to really understand what may be happening!



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